The 38 th International Erzincan Kemaliye (Eğin) Culture and Outdoor Festival will take place this year between 28th of June until 2nd of July 2017

Taking place this year between the 28th June - 2nd of July 2017 the “38th International Erzincan Kemaliye (Eğin) Culture and Outdoor Festival” will offer cultural and sportive events for all ages.

This festival, which is supported and protected by the govenership of Erzincan and dsitrict governorship of Kemaliye and will be organized by Kemaliye Kültür ve Kalkınma Vakfı (KEMAV) together with the municipality of Kemaliye.

Preparation began already under the guidance of KEMAV. There is no change in the main themes: As every year authentic cultural feast, a wild and rural nature, sport and friendship will welcomes you.

Beeing in the center of the upper Euphrat Regionö Kemaliye is with its untouched nature its intact historical town and the  wellknown hospitality one of the main tourism gates of Erzincan. This town is also founder member of the Historic Cities Union.

Within its beauties one of them takes the main attraction: The Karanlık Canyon. This canyon is one of the worlds most magnificant canyons at all.  The basejump events that tooks place in 2008 for the first time in Turkey, were performed through the years 2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015 with a growing interest and participation from all over the world. At this years festival the main scope of the events will be planed at the Karanlık Canyon in order to support the promotion of the “Sırat on Fırat” Bridge which will be built in the near future.

Like each preceding year, we once again invite culture and outdoor enthusiats to Kemaliye for an unparalleled cultural and nature-filled experince

The festival itinerary is attached for your viewing, and you may also find further detailed information at our foundation's website , as well as the festival website

İsmail YÜCEL

Kemaliye Kültür ve Kalkınma Vakfı Başkanı

İsmail YÜCEL

President  of

Kemaliye Culture and Development Foundation